Anyukám mondta

An amazing restaurant in an amazingly forgotten region of Hungary. It is hard to find even  the right words to describe the culinary experience and peaceful atmosphere of this restaurant. Before I got cerried away by describing the excellence of the food I will introduce the restaurant itself.

Anyukám mondta means „my mum used to say“. Considering the name it is pretty obvious that this place focus on domestic culinary deleights, first class ingredients and the love that is inserted into the meals they prepare.

The owners of this restaurant are two brothers, who have spent a long time abroad and decided to settle in the place where their life journey began. After many years of experience to the position of master chef and main waiter it wasn’t questionable what sort of business they will run at home. First they created a corner bar, then a corner pizzeria, and then anyukám mondta restaurant. Over the years they have built a reputation so that people are willing to travel hundreds of kilometers (many of them regularly), just to eat there.

And what is their secret? As they mentioned on their website, „outstanding raw ingredients are the true ingredients“. Whether it’s a first class bufallo mozzarella, oregano grown in the garden, original parm ham or a cozy environment that is completed by a nice garden and in winter time by a fireplace’s cracking flames.

Connected to the tastes, get ready that except the pizza you can’t find anything mundane. If you choose a pizza, you can be sure it is a good choice. It is more difficult with the choice of other dishes. Although the menu is available in English and Slovak language, it is not so clear what you will get on the plate. The combination of dishes and flavors may confuse and complicate your choice, but don’t be discouraged to experiment. Just choose the basic food you would like to eat and it is almost certain that any variation that you prefer will be delicious. I have tasted all the soups, so I can say they are all excellent. Since we went with the intent to try as much as possible, each of us ordered a different meal and we got on tasting. And there was nothing to criticize. Finally I got to the desserts. Oh the desserts… Maybe a little bit exaggerated, but still I have to say that they make the best desserts that I have ever tasted. If you are as munchy as I am, it is worth the travel just because of them. My favourite is the home made cheescake, so I highly recommend it. Panna cotta or tiramisu are as good as the cheescake. They are just perfect.

Finally, it remains for me to praise the service for the good care and to the owner, who built up such a great place and to wish them all the best for the future, since I plan to visit this place for many years to simply enjoy everything. And won’t forget to mention that during weekends and days off  it is better to make a reservation in advance, as it is often fully occupied.

Adress: 3680 Encs, Petőfi út 57

Contact: 0036 46/587-340

Opening hours: Monday – Saturday: 11-22, Sunday closed

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